Frequently asked questions

What is the price for a custom based on?

A custom is based on three factors: - The design -The shoe and shoe size -Time it takes to complete the custom

Do you only work on AF1S?

No!! I use AF1 to bring out new designs as i like wearing them and they are the most looked for custom trainer. I do plan to start working on other pairs of shoes soon, however if you would like a custom on a different shoe just fill out the custom order form!

Will the paints last?

YES! With your customs you will get a cleaning guide to just tell you the best and safest way to clean a custom (all leading shoe cleaning products are safe) machine washing is only safe on certain products. All painted customs are made using high-quality leather paints form Angelus with a finish to seal the paint. This means that paint will not fade, crack or ship away from your customs.

How much is shipping? and do you ship outside the UK?

Postage in the UK is free if you spend over £50, any order under £50 shipping will be between £1.99 and £3.99 (Depending on what you are ordering). We also do ship outside the UK here is a list of places we also ship to: -Australia -Italy -U.S -Canada More soon...

COVID-19 and Brexit

"stephenscustoms" is luckily a small online store so COVID-19 actually affects us very little. However, after todays (31/10/2020) announcement made by the goverment we should expect delays in delivery times whilst we work with delivery companies from Nike and stephenscustoms couriour Royal Mail. Whilst it shows their services are not affected right now we do believe at times it may be hard to get your customs to you as quickly as you expect. We hope you can understand and work with us during this public health crisis. Brexit will officially start 1/1/2020, however we are not 100% sure on how the new rules will play out. There could potentially be longer shipping times in getting shoes into the UK from other countries. Also shipping tariffs could be implemented - meaning there could be a fee on imports and exports which could consequently mean retailers will have to increase prices on their products. Thank you